Reliable Heat Pump Repair in Alexandria, Alabama That Keeps Your Home Comfortable

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Anyone who’s ever been trapped with a damaged or malfunctioning heat pump in the middle of winter or summer recognizes how frustrating it can be. We believe everyone deserves next to no downtime with their heating and cooling. That’s why the HVAC pross at Alexandria strive to identify and fix problems quickly and safely. Our heat pump repair in Alexandria is the best in the business because we believe your home should always be comfy, no matter the time of year.

That commitment to customer service is why our certified, insured and licensed repair techs are well-known in the business. We’ve come across every problem heat pumps face. No matter what is wrong with yours, we won’t walk away from a service call until it’s done right the first time. This gives you the chance to think about better things.

If you own a heat pump, our specialists will keep it performing in tip-top shape for years to come. So what are you searching for? Routine maintenance, or maybe emergency repairs? Whatever you need, we’re here to help.

If you are unfamiliar with how to find potential heat pump malfunctions, your own senses can be useful tools. You’ll be familiar with what your heat pump is supposed to sound, look and even smell like. You’ll be better equipped to realize when something’s wrong. Odd smells and sounds are some the first signs of trouble.

If you’ve learned something’s failing, there are a few spots to check. First, confirm the thermostat is still working correctly. From time to time you only need to tweak the settings to solve your HVAC problem.

Poor airflow is another problem that is simple to spot, particularly when a room isn’t the desired temperature. Most of the time this happens when your air filter becomes old or dirty.

If your heat pump won’t even run, the problem is generally electrical. Check your thermostat and breaker box first. If you find exposed wiring, it might be ideal to call a licensed technician.

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Heat Pump Service in Alexandria and Surrounding Areas

Now that you’ve learned there’s something damaging your heat pump, don’t drag your feet on finding decent heat pump service in Alexandria. Rather than struggle with delays, surprise costs or other issues, the heating and cooling specialists at Bain Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc want to keep your heat pump in the best possible condition. We’re ready to tackle any problem. If we save you time and money, it’s yours to keep.

Your heat pump could always use extra maintenance since it works around the clock for you day and night. It provides both heating and cooling throughout the year, regardless of the weather. Without consistent maintenance, it may be exposed to extra wear and tear.

This is why we offer annual heat pump maintenance plans. They are used to maximize your heat pump’s effectiveness with regularly scheduled inspections and service calls. We’ll check every major part, cleaning and lubricating any that need it. You may realize it may increase your system’s energy efficiency, giving years more of service.

Depending on how old your heat pump is, you could be better off replacing it with a new one instead. Over time your heat pump will consistently lose efficiency. It will have to have constant repairs to stay alive. Eventually you’ll find you’re spending more in repairs over what an upgrade costs outright. We offer smooth heat pump installation in Alexandria, and a number of durable, quiet models. They’re more energy efficient than ever. Some heat pumps can even be integrated into your existing furnace system. You’ll avoid having to remove it entirely.

You don’t need to know exactly what model you want right away. We’re more than excited to compare possible pricing, brands or desired features to suit your needs and budget. We’re confident that any you end up choosing will serve you well.

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