Heat Pump Installed outside a home

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Heat Pump in Heflin?

As an HVAC company, we answer a lot of questions about heating and cooling in Heflin. One of the most frequent questions: How much will it cost to install a new heat pump? It’s not an easy question to answer outright, but we’ll work with you to identify the answer.

Here are some factors that can affect your expenses:

  • The size of your home.
  • The size of the equipment.
  • The energy-efficiency ratings for the heat pump.
  • Whether the system has ducts.
  • The amount of labor included.

At Bain Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc, we’re happy to help you choose the right system for your home—while taking energy efficiency, price point and your comfort into our review.

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DIY or Professional Installation?

There’s another question we hear occasionally. Can I install my new heat pump without a professional? We understand it can be inviting to take on home projects to save on costs. For many projects, it’s a great idea. But let us be clear: Heat pump installation is best left to the professionals.

Unless you’re exceptionally trained with an extensive knowledge of equipment sizing, electrical circuits, home wiring, refrigerant handling and more, your background just can’t match an HVAC expert.

You could end up costing yourself significantly more if you start the process on your own, run into issues and have to call in an expert to help. If you start the process with an expert, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your heat pump was installed correctly.

Professional installation has another extra advantage: access to the warranty. If you do take on the installation as a DIY project and run into issues, you’re likely out of luck. A lot of warranties are void without professional installation.

When your system breaks down without a warranty, you’ll no doubt end up paying every penny your DIY installation saved—or more.

What to Expect on Installation Day

Before Installation

Prior to beginning work on your home, we’ll give you a call to let you know when to expect our team. Once we make it there, we’ll review the project with you, so you know what to expect for the rest of the process. After that, we’ll prepare your house and turn off the electricity to your HVAC system.

When we’re replacing a heat pump, the last step to prepare is removing the refrigerant. We’ll take care of it for you in accordance with EPA standards. We’ll do the same with the rest of the equipment.

During Installation

Once we’re ready, we’ll get down to the actual installation. That means we’ll get your equipment where it needs to be, connect it and wire it so it works with your house. Next, we make sure the system pressure is accurate and test the system. Before we leave, we’ll run your new system for little while to make sure everything works the way we want.

After Installation

Once we’ve finished installing your new heat pump, we’ll clean up after ourselves, review system operation with you and wrap up your paperwork.

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When you’re ready, Bain Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc will help you go over all your choices and find the right system for you. We’ll also take care of the installation, so you don’t have to worry. Give us a call at 256-270-1196 or schedule an appointment with us online.

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